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In preparation or Under Revision

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- VIP paper & Featured as a cover.

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- Selected as 2021 Journal of Materials Chemistry C HOT Papers

Featured as a front cover.

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Featured as a front cover.

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Featured as a front cover.

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- Featured as a front cover.

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- Featured as a front inside cover.

- This article has selected as 2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry C Hot Papers.

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- This article has selected as a featured article by editor.


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-This article has been featured in American Institute of Physics and highlighted in Phys.ORG, AAAS, etc.


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- This article has selected as an Editor’s pick article.


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- This article has been highlighted in Phys.ORG, AAAS, EETimes, Nanowerk, R&D Magazine, + more than 50 news worldwide.


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- This article has been featured as a front cover and highlighted in IEEE Spectrum, Phys.ORG, AAAS + more than 100 news worldwide. Also, selected as one of the top 10 downloaded paper in 2015 in AOM.



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- This article has been featured in American Institute of Physics and highlighted in Phys.ORG, CNBC, EETimes, Nanowerk, R&D Magazine, Big10 News, and MIT Tech Review + more than 50 news worldwide.

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- Featured as a back cover.


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- Selected as most influential papers by Applied Physics Letters in 2015.


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- This article has been highlighted in 
Hankok-News, YTN news.
- Featured as a front cover picture.


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-Also selected as "Most read Top 10"in scientific reports    *equal contribution    


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- This article has been highlighted in IEEE Spectrum, Laser Focus World, PhysOrg etc.
- Also selected as "Most download Top 3"in Nature Photonics


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- Highlighted in C&EN report (Feb 16 2012).


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