Principal Investigator

Dr. Jung-Hun Seo


University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering (2014)

M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering (2011) 

Korea University, Seoul, Korea  
M.S., Electrical Engineering (2008)

B.S., Electrical Engineering (2006) 



University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY (2016-Current)    
 Assistant Professor, Department of Material Design and Innovation
University of Wisconsin-Madison , Madison, WI     (2014-2016)    
 Assistant Scientist, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering      

Samsung Electronics, Gyeong-Ki Do, South Korea (2007-2008) 
 Researcher, Semiconductor R&D center, Future memory device team


Department of Material Design and Innovation,

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Rm 135, Bell Hall, Buffalo, NY, 14260

Phone: +1-716-645-1881


(Lab: 119 Bonner Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260)


Please find more info from "Visiting UB"

Ph.D. Students

Md Nazmul Hasan (2017 Fall)


Email: mhasan9 at

Junyu Lai (2018 Fall)

Email: jlai5 at

Derek Lee (2019 Fall)

Email: dlee49 at

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Dmitry Shinyavskiy

Email: dmitrysh at


Our great group alumni

Cropped Headshot 2.jpg

M.S. - Stacy Liang

(2017 Fall ~ 2018 Spring)

Currently at UCSD


M.S. - Puspita Paul

(2018 Fall ~ 2019 Spring)

Currently at UB-EE


Ph.D. - Edward Swinnich

(2016 Fall ~ 2020 Spring)

Currently at Global foundry

M.S. - Dave Yash

(2016 Fall ~ 2018 Spring)

M.S. - Chunyan (Sophia) Yuan

(2018 Fall ~ 2019 Spring)


Post Doc -  Sejung Kim

(2020 Spring~ 2021 Spring)


Yuhao Guo 

(2019 Fall ~ 2020 Fall)

Chenxi Li

(2019 Fall ~ 2021 Spring)

Currently at MSU 


Ph.D. - Yixiong Zheng

(2017 Fall ~ 2021 Spring)

Currently at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Group picture

Nov 26 2019, Thanksgiving group lunch @ Kyoto Restaurant
(Nazmul, Junyu, Jung-Hun, Puspita, Ed, Yixiong, Chunyan from left to right)

Aug 28, 2018 Yixiong's welcome party @ UB Tiffinroom
(Jung-Hun, Yixiong, Nazmul, Ed from left to right)


Nov. 10, 2017 Yash's 1st poster presentation @ IEEE EDS WNY Conference in RIT.
(Nazmul, Edward, Yash, Jung-Hun from left to right)

Dec 19, 2018 Nazmul & Yixiong's QII exam @ Namaste Indian Restaurant
(Ed, Jung-Hun, Yixiong, Junyu, Nazmul from left to right)


Nov 20, 2018 Thanks giving lunch @ Olive Garden
(Nazmul, Ed, Jung-Hun, Yixiong, Junyu, Chunyan from left to right)


Nov. 21, 2017, Thanks giving lunch @ Taste of India 
(Edward, Jung-Hun, Nazmul, Yash from left to right)

Aug 29, 2017 Nazmul's welcome party @ Taisho Bistro Izakaya 
(Edward, Jung-Hun, Nazmul, Yash from left to right)